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Weather Kindness

March 29, 2018

Some wickedly cold weather snaps in the Northeast motivated me to bring extra hats, gloves and scarves (new or gently used) with me on a trip to NYC.  My goal was to gift them forward to anyone who might need them. 

I initiated the offering by remarking, "This weather is unbelievable you look cold" and wait for a response.  If the person admitted they were cold, I offered them a piece from my collection that would match what they were wearing and meet their need.  I did it on the subway, in...

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To Go or Not to Go?

March 31, 2018

It was a new theatre work under development. I knew little about it, but I decided it didn’t matter. A friend designed the stage set - I knew that it was going to be epic. I wasn’t disappointed.

It was intricate, it was puzzle like, it resembled a cave fantasy. The troupe referred to it as "The Altar". The show was imaginative and the acting and music amazing. I loved it. 

It was a special treat to experience the work in an intimate performance space. 

I’m glad that instead of finding...

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Four String Magic

April 18, 2018


I brought my ukulele to Jake Shimabukuro’s concert. As I waited for the doors to open I played a tune. I saw a man’s eyes sparkle and asked if he played and he said, “Yes”. I offered my ukulele snd he accepted. He finger picked a classical tune. Everyone around us stopped, looked and listened. He told his story.

I made eye contact with a man carrying a uke in a case. I asked him if he played. He did, even though he had a bandage on one of his fingers.  It was wonderful. He told me his...

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Gallery on Fifth

May 27, 2018

I was walking past Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue in NYC. Directly in from of the store were painted puddles of the famous Tiffany blue on the sidewalk.  In the midst of it all was a body paint model matching the paint puddles wearing flowers, butterflies,clouds and a message written on his back.

It was a body art exhibit in motion. As he walked down Fifth Avenue. I followed him like the Pied Piper.

He crossed the avenue, stopping midway to share his art in a sea of yellow taxis.  When the...

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July 12, 2018

The idea of an underwater puppet show appealed to me. I was mesmerized at the continuous motion of objects floating, darting, swirling and dancing to live music. My focus was taking in the staging and accepting that how it was accomplished was a mystery.

Post show the audience went back stage to view the 1000 gallon tank  We saw the props, puppeteers in black wetsuits and the pulley system that held puppeteers suspended above the tank, invisible from the audience view. The complexity of the...

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